KidHi, I am Plato! Powerd by mruby

Knowledge of devices such as sensors and knowledge of network and clouds are necessary for development of IoT application, but it is very difficult to master both of them. This framework Plato (Plato) works on scenario like below

· Take the data from the temperature sensor every 60 seconds

· Notify me by e-mail every 1 hour when it becomes over 40 degrees

It creates an IoT program automatically by creating a scenario like. Plato makes it easy to shape your ideas.

Plato is open source software. Anyone can freely download and use it.

mruby is the development language of open source software. Plato takes advantage of mruby's "easy to develop for developers" "easy to port to different hardware" features.



In Plato, we prepare boards equipped with environmental sensors and networks that are frequently used in IoT. By using this optional board, you can start developing IoT application more quickly and easily. Of course you can use Plato without this board.


Option Board(White-Tiger)

Temperature/Humidity Sensor:HDC1080DMBT

Illuminate Sensor:TSL25911FN

Real Time Clock、BLE is mounted

WIFI,Zigbee modules are wearable



Plato has a "simple" mode in which applications are automatically generated according to scenarios, and a "custom" mode in which libraries for developers who wish to further develop development can be selected.

 Click here to see Mode selection screen

small menu01

Menu1 of simple mode

Set application execution environment, basic operation

 Target boards compatible by Plato


 ・Raspberry Pi

 ・GR-PEACH (made by Renessas)

 ・QSIP (made by Fuhitsu Kyushu network techonologies)

*We will add support boards from time to time.。

*White-Tiger is an Aruduino compatible pin assignment. We also have a conversion board that can convert White-Tiger to Raspberry Pi pin.


small menu02

Simple menu screen 2

It is a menu screen to be used when menu creation is selected to create an application that performs something based on the sensor value on menu screen 1.

Determine the actual application behavior.

Select the sensor and set the conditions. Several conditions can be selected.

You can add code later by leaving a comment in the cell of input you want to do. Example: turn on USB fan

The content of the application will be added at any time.







mruby uses VM (Virtual Machine), it runs on various CPUs including various OS, OS-less environment, ARM and ARM. For this reason, it is easy to port applications created with Plato to various environments, and the prototype application will not be wasted



Since all devices are connected to the network in IoT, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to security. The security option of Plato guarantees the following security.

· Encryption to prevent software leakage

· Authentication preventing unauthorized software from being mixed

*We will offer licenses.